For Immediate Release

December 4, 2019

Seattle, WA – December 4, 2019   SuperGraphics is launching EcoFormat™, a groundbreaking business operations and recycling program starting January 1, 2020.


Large format printing is experiencing a technological revolution that is fueling growth and innovation. However, the industry has lagged behind other print segments in its adoption and application of eco-friendly business practices.


The ownership team at SuperGraphics believes it’s imperative to evolve its approach to environmental and community responsibility and have spent the last year assessing their operations from material choice to final waste disposition. EcoFormat™ incorporates its plan to address material and production waste company-wide from inside out and start to finish. This plan includes market and supply chain education, practical work and environment changes, and transformation of operational use and waste chain of custody.


“We are excited to launch EcoFormat™,” says SuperGraphics President, Reid Baker, “This is a new approach to managing pre and post-consumer waste. Nothing like this has ever been successfully executed in our industry, primarily because there hasn’t been the passion and creativity inserted into the waste logistics infrastructure. We aim to be successful by educating the marketplace, developing cost-neutral eco-friendly graphics, and disposing of all wastes in the most sustainable fashion available.”


EcoFormat™ will take the market to a new place by providing clients with “Landfill Neutral” (no landfill waste) large format graphics. Furthermore, SuperGraphics is striving to be PVC-Free by 2025.


SuperGraphics is a Seattle based large-format printer specializing in retail and environmental print solutions. They are a trusted partner to many iconic brands, who rely on our ability to execute local and nationwide programs, from concept to completion with superior results.


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