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Team SuperGraphics is Helping Companies Reopen with style.

Companies that are preparing to reopen in the coming weeks will need to reinvent how their employees and customers interact. Social distancing and other precautionary steps are creating a new normal for business professionals.

The team at SuperGraphics has been servicing essential businesses such as healthcare, retailers, non-profits, and others for the past several weeks. We have learned a few things in the process of assisting our customers.

Types of companies that need solutions for Covid-19 business operations:

  • Property Management
  • Retailers
  • Healthcare
  • Sports & Health Clubs
  • Schools & Institutions
  • General Office

Here’s what we’ve learned about what you need and why you need it.

Floor graphics are here to stay.

Why: Directional and informational floor graphics to promote social distancing.
What: Floor graphics provide unlimited options depending on location and surface.

Read more about determining what types of floor graphics are needed.

Window decals inform your customers that you’re ready.

Why: First Impressions are very important for retailers and restaurants to show the public how prepared your business is to provide safe services.
What: We’re open, we’re clean and ready for social distancing when inside.

Sneeze guards and office desk dividers minimize risk of exposure.

Why: Acrylic sneeze guards and desk dividers to protect employees and customers.
What: Custom sneeze guards for desks, shared work environments, reception areas or lobbies.

We are designing and engineering sneeze guards and desk dividers of all kinds for desks, cubicles, retail, restaurant and corporate offices.

If you need help to determine what type of sneeze guards or desk dividers are needed for your office or business, contact your SuperGraphics representative for an appointment.

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stations designed and engineered to meet the need caused by supply chain shortages.​

 Why: Sanitizing stations provide a way for customers and employees to clean their hands before entering or leaving your office, or business. Going forward, hand sanitizing stations will be a mainstay of every business where people gather.

What: Our custom designed and branded hand sanitizing station is perfect for your office, retail, or athletic cub entry. Place near elevators, or in reception areas or near restrooms.

Branded PPE and Face Shields are in demand.

Why: Face shields provide the perfect barrier and help minimize the possibility of infection. Face shields and other PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), can also display your company brand.
What: PPE is used in medical, healthcare, food service, grocery, retail or in any situation where extra protection is needed. Our face shields also follow SuperGraphics Ecoformat™ guidelines—made in the US from high-performance, recyclable clear PETG plastic.

Visit our website to see our custom branded Covid-19 solutions.

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