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Pride Month Utility Boxes

Explore the vibrant and unique utility box wraps with anti-graffiti laminate showcased for Pride Month in Seattle, WA!


Seattle, WA


June 2024


Vinyl Wrap, Experiential Environmental

bringing pride to the streets ! 🏳️‍🌈

To celebrate Pride Month, the Broadway BIA Association partnered with SuperGraphics to transform their ordinary utility boxes into vibrant works of art. Each box featured portraits of notable community figures, with rainbow themes and informative maps of the Broadway area. This initiative aimed to enhance the community’s visual appeal while honoring the diversity and inclusiveness represented by Pride Month. By collaborating on this project, SuperGraphics helped fulfill the Broadway BIA Association’s mission to make Broadway more prosperous and vibrant through seasonal activations. 

To ensure the longevity and preservation of these artworks, SuperGraphics added anti-graffiti film, a product specifically designed to protect against vandalism and environmental wear. This film provides a durable, clear coating that safeguards the vivid colors and intricate details of the artwork, preventing damage from graffiti and other forms of defacement.

The application of anti-graffiti film proves highly effective throughout the month-long celebration and beyond. Despite high foot traffic and exposure to various elements, the utility boxes remain pristine. The anti-graffiti properties of the film allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that any attempts at vandalism are quickly and efficiently removed without affecting the underlying art. Notably, one of the boxes was subjected to tagging, but the defacement was promptly removed, leaving no evidence of the incident. This demonstrates the robust protection offered by anti-graffiti film, maintaining the artwork’s integrity and appearance.

The utility box’s artwork added vibrancy and a sense of pride to the neighborhood, embodying the BIA’s main objective. Additionally, the success of this project demonstrated the value of anti-graffiti film in protecting public art installations, maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

This case study highlights how SuperGraphics’ anti-graffiti film can be an essential tool for preserving public art, ensuring that such installations continue to inspire and beautify communities long after their initial creation. By investing in protective solutions like anti-graffiti film, cities and organizations can safeguard their cultural and artistic investments, fostering a more vibrant and resilient urban environment.

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