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We pride ourselves in our ability to not only manage complex logistics but to provide great transparency to clients in the process. 

project management

We have an expert team of project managers who handle project specs, budgets, and milestone dates for your scope of work. They closely monitor the progress of your project and utilize technology to provide full transparency along the way. Meeting your goals is our expectation; we work hard to surpass them.


When working with SuperGraphics, you stay in the loop. By utilizing state-of-the-art project management technology, we’re able to seamlessly share our progress with all stakeholders. You see exactly where we are in the process of achieving your project’s goals. Plus, when your project has concluded, we provide you with deliverables such as a SuperGraphics Wrap-Up document or an EcoFormat™ Certificate of Sustainability to commemorate all we just accomplished together.


Frequently asked questions about logistics

This varies by the size and complexity of your project. Although our presses are among the fastest in the industry, there are multiple steps to arriving at a completed project including pre-press design, graphic finishing, and graphic installation. Our sales representatives will work with you to establish a timeframe to meet your goals.

Yes! We understand that deadlines can be tight and we’re here to help. Our team is equipped to handle quick-turn projects to ensure you get your graphics on short notice.

Yes! We can custom kit your graphics, consolidating everything needed for installation into a single package. Our company can deliver to as many locations as you need with our precise packaging and distribution management. 

Yes! We not only ship overnight, but we can also ship with common carriers, LTL, full truck shipments, customized truck door-to-door, large-scale airfreight, or anything else you could dream of.

As big as you can imagine, we can deliver. If you need graphics at multiple locations, we offer a seamless nationwide turn-key graphics program. If you need mega-large graphics, we offer SuperFormat™ mega-large graphics. Since 2006, our company has held the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest digital graphic. We not only produced the 10,000-square-foot graphic, but our team also even installed it!

SuperGraphics uses interactive platforms to share our collaborative progress. Our platforms share all the details to achieving a completed project including proof approvals, artwork submissions, and production status.

At SuperGraphics, we’re no strangers to our clients and we’re here to help. Our project managers are experts on your project and guide you through all the steps to project completion. They’re available to provide any clarity you may be looking for.

When you choose to have Supergraphics install, remove, and recycle your EcoFormat™ graphics, your project accumulates zero landfill waste from start to finish. To celebrate this sustainable achievement, we calculate the total square footage of material that is diverted from the landfill and present this to you on an EcoFormat™ Certificate of Sustainability. We hope that this certificate serves as a continual reminder of the environmental impact you made by selecting EcoFormat™.

recycling materials, eliminating waste

EcoFormat® is innovation for the environment.