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design engineering

To kick off your project, we initiate the design engineering phase. Here, we fuse our design experience and engineering skills to build a strong foundation for your project.

design engineering

In order to tell your story, we start by listening to it. We take the time to understand your space and specific branding goals. With our ability to imagine environmental design from a multidimensional perspective, we offer unique solutions to make your vision a reality. With your story and our expertise, we engineer a design solution custom to you.

sustainable planning

We consider the sustainable impact of your project and educate you on eco-friendly materials and services. EcoFormat® is our commitment to sustainable print.  When you select an EcoFormat® solution, we will deliver PVC-free graphics that result in zero landfill waste with our open-loop, pre- and post-consumer EcoFormat® Recycling services.


Accuracy and understanding in a site survey are paramount. By taking measurements and capturing complex elevation plans, we turn potential obstructions into solutions and set up your project for a flawless installation.


Frequently asked questions about design engineering
At SuperGraphics, Design Engineering is where we fuse our environmental design knowledge and engineering expertise to create a solution best fit for our client’s needs. First, we take a consultative approach to listen to and understand your unique ideas. Then we use our expertise to provide insight to the best solution. Through Design Engineering, we build the foundation to bring you exactly where you want to be.

Our sustainable planning consultation is 100% free. We promote and educate all our clients on our EcoFormat™ material alternatives and EcoFormat™ Recycling options. We’ve worked hard to develop a cost-effective sustainable supply chain, so you can rest assured that most of our eco-friendly solutions are the same cost as prevailing common market materials.

A comprehensive site or vehicle survey is key for a flawless installation. If our team understands the complexities of the surfaces we’re designing for, it removes any guesswork and allows us to perfectly produce graphics for your environment. It’s preferable for us to conduct a survey for every new location or vehicle. The SuperGraphics team can survey across the greater Seattle area, and our network of graphic installers makes it possible to conduct site surveys nationwide.

recycling materials, eliminating waste

EcoFormat® is innovation for the environment.