graphic installation

SuperGraphics offers expert graphic installation nationwide. From complex multi-execution points in a single night to SuperFormat® mega-large projects, we deliver quality installations every time.
Consolidation and distribution shipment at SuperGraphics. Features kitted boxes ready to be shipped on shipping rack.


We make ourselves a one-stop shop by custom-kitting your graphics for nationwide delivery. We consolidate everything you need into one package per location, including instructions for installation and EcoFormat® post-consumer recycling. We can deliver to as many locations as you need with our precise packaging and management.

graphic installation

If your project calls for a professional installation, we’ll get them in place with a certified graphic installer. Our in-house install team can complete graphic installations throughout the Pacific Northwest, and we have an extensive network of partnerships allowing us to complete graphic installations nationwide and even internationally. We’re flexible onsite, allowing us to arrange after-hours or weekend installations.
Graphic Removal


If your graphics are temporary, we offer an additional service of graphic removal. Just as our graphic installers know how to get your graphics in place, they have the tools and know-how to remove them without a trace. Whether your graphics are on a wall, window, vehicle, or any other kind of surface, SuperGraphics can get your graphics removed nationwide. Plus, if you selected EcoFormat® graphics, we’ll recycle them to complete your project with zero landfill waste.


Frequently asked questions about Graphic Installation

We can install anything we produce. Signage, wall graphics, window film, floor graphics, banners… you name it, we can install it.

SuperGraphics can complete graphic installations anywhere. Our certified team is able to complete graphic installations throughout the greater Seattle area and Pacific Northwest. We have an extensive network of graphic installation partners allowing us to complete graphic installations nationwide.

Yes, we can install graphics on textured or rough surfaces including brick, concrete, and stucco. Our team can determine the correct graphic material for the application type.

We can help design a program to save on overall installation expenses from designing programs that your team members can install to re-engineering a design for a simpler professional install.

Yes! SuperGraphics stands behind its installation services and ensures the graphics are properly installed and will last for the ensured manufacturer’s lifespan. 

Nope! Graphic removals are an optional service once your temporary graphics have reached the end of use.
However, if you want to ensure your EcoFormat™ graphics are properly recycled, SuperGraphics will need to recycle them through their open-loop recycling partnerships. This can be accomplished through a SuperGraphics Graphic Removal or by delivering your graphic waste to SuperGraphics. Learn more on our EcoFormat® Recycling page.

recycling materials, eliminating waste

EcoFormat® is innovation for the environment.