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our sustainability process

Through open-loop recycling workflows and disposition supply chain partnerships, we can deliver a clean second use to all pre- and post-consumer EcoFormat™ waste.


The EcoFormat™ Sustainability Cycle demonstrates how we keep your graphics from ending up in the landfill. From the initial project consultation to the recycling of post-consumer waste, our process for creating and delivering EcoFormat™ graphics is centered around the production of zero landfill waste from start to finish.

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The EcoFormat™ Sustainability Cycle starts with an assessment of the print material needs for your project. Whether you need banners, signage, or wall graphics, our experts will match the perfect EcoFormat™, PVC-free material for your project while accounting for the environmental impact of production, installation, and eventual disposition of your graphics. 


Our production process is designed to reduce waste, use less energy, and minimize carbon footprint. We’ve developed open-loop recycling workflows to ensure waste is organized and delivered to the appropriate recyclers. 
Graphic distribution and installation are designed to be as clean as possible. Graphics are packaged to be compact and lightweight as possible, decreasing the carbon footprint from delivery. Our install teams strive to produce minimal waste, returning any to SuperGraphics for EcoFormat™ Recycling. 
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Not only does SuperGraphics recycle all pre-consumer waste from the EcoFormat™ production and installation process, but we can also collect your used graphics to ensure proper recycling. SuperGraphics has partnered with DTG to convert your EcoFormat™ waste to GigaFuel, a low-carbon fuel substitute enabling cement production facilities to achieve greener production.

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Frequently asked questions about EcoFormat™

EcoFormat™ is SuperGraphics’ commitment to educate and promote the demand for eco-friendly print materials, services, and supply chain from sourcing to disposition. When you choose EcoFormat™ materials and recycling services, we guarantee that your project will result in zero landfill waste from start to finish.

No, EcoFormat™ is a sustainable print initiative introduced by the company SuperGraphics.

Currently, EcoFormat™ is offered exclusively at SuperGraphics.

Many large format materials are printed on non-recyclable plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Not only are these plastics harmful to manufacture, but they continue releasing harmful toxins while they slowly break down in the landfill over the course of tens of years. The gases emitted from landfills contribute to climate change and pose a toxic threat to both humans and animals.

Through EcoFormat™, we:
  • Source sustainable print materials and offer clean solutions to clients 
  • Ensure our recycling supply chain is clean with a true second use 
  • Conduct open-loop recycling workflows to reduce/eliminate the production of pre-consumer waste 
  • Help our customers recycle graphics at the end of use

Brands choose EcoFormat™ to ensure their graphic project is clean, eco-friendly, safe, and contributes to zero landfill waste. Sustainability is no longer being looked at as a bonus for a brand but as an expectation. EcoFormat™ empowers brands to reduce their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals without hindering quality or breaking the bank.

EcoFormat™ materials are PVC-free and can be recycled to a clean second use through our recycling partnerships. We’re also working to incorporate more material options created from recycled materials.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a non-recyclable plastic that is both harmful to manufacture and biodegrade. Once PVC reaches the landfill, it takes tens of years to break down while releasing harmful toxins in the process. We’ve partnered with a local recycler that is capable of giving a clean second use to all PVC-free materials.

Nope! Before offering an EcoFormat™ material, we complete extensive testing to ensure they meet our quality standards. 

To support our EcoFormat™ Initiative, we developed the EcoFormat™ Sustainability Cycle to articulate how we conduct every EcoFormat™ project sustainably. Every EcoFormat™ project follows the EcoFormat™ Sustainability Cycle to ensure the production of zero landfill waste from start to finish. Through open-loop recycling workflows and disposition supply chain partnerships, all pre- and post-consumer waste is recycled to a clean second use.

In addition to our internal practices of recycling all pre-consumer waste, we offer EcoFormat™ Recycling as a service for your used graphics. By returning post-consumer waste to our facility by delivery or a SuperGraphics’ graphic removal, we can give it a clean second use as GigaFuel.

GigaFuel is ground-up PVC-free materials that are burned as a low-carbon fuel for energy production.  
EcoFormat™ Coating, powered by PURETi™, is an optional clear spray applied during the production process that turns your outdoor graphics into a self-cleaning air purifier. This solution converts nearby harmful air pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless minerals and gasses. Ecoformat™ Coating works for up to five years as long as it has access to humidity and light.
With open-loop recycling, materials are converted into either a new material or waste product. As SuperGraphics converts its waste to GigaFuel, a low-carbon fuel substitute, we are conducting open-loop recycling. SuperGraphics is one of the few printers in the US executing open-loop recycling for all their PVC-free waste.
With closed-loop recycling, materials are converted into the same product such as plastic bottles being recycled back into plastic bottles. Unfortunately, there are no closed-loop recycling options available for large-format recyclable plastics in the market today.
Pre-consumer waste is generated in-shop during the manufacturing or production process. This includes trimming and excess material.
Post-consumer waste refers to the waste generated by the consumer after using the product. This includes items such as packaging and graphic waste. Fortunately, SuperGraphics is capable of recycling all EcoFormat™ graphic waste through EcoFormat™ Recycling. Let’s schedule your EcoFormat™ Recycling appointment today!
We strive to keep EcoFormat™ material costs as close to common market materials as possible.

SuperGraphics is both SGP and EnviroStars certified.

When you choose to have Supergraphics produce, install, remove, and recycle your EcoFormat™ graphics, your project accumulates zero landfill waste from start to finish. To celebrate this sustainable achievement, we calculate the total square footage of material that is diverted from the landfill and present this to you on an EcoFormat™ Certificate of Sustainability. We hope that this certificate serves as a continual reminder of the environmental impact you made by selecting EcoFormat™.