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Seattle Public Library Locker

Explore this amazing and unique smart locker wrap we did for the Seattle Public Library and their Luxer One locker!


Seattle, WA


March 2024


Vinyl Wrap, Locker Wrap

Package Secured 📦 

The Seattle Public Library wanted to make their Luxer One locker system more attractive with a colorful, high-quality wrap. They chose SuperGraphics to handle the job because we are experts in large format printing and installation.

The library needed a smart locker wrap that could catch people’s attention and stand up to Seattle’s weather. It had to be printed and installed perfectly to look great.

We used our advanced printing technology to create a wrap with bright colors and clear details. We chose durable materials to make sure it would last a long time. Our team of experts installed the wrap, ensuring it was done seamlessly.

The design of the locker wrap reflects the Seattle Public Library’s mission and community spirit. It features the phrase “Let’s Read Together” in many languages, showing the library’s commitment to serving everyone. The artwork includes a stylized river flowing through a lush landscape, symbolizing the journey of knowledge, which fits with the library’s role as a place for learning and growth.

The finished locker wrap at the Seattle Public Library showcases SuperGraphics’ ability to provide high quality printing and installation services. The vibrant colors and superior print quality have made the locker a standout feature at the library.

SuperGraphics successfully created and installed the locker wrap for the Seattle Public Library, showing our expertise in large format printing and installation. This project highlights our role as a reliable one-stop shop for all large format printing needs, from production to installation.

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