As experts in producing and installing massive graphics, SuperGraphics invented a new print classification we call SuperFormat™. SuperFormat™ graphics surpass large-format and grand-format in size to be as audaciously large as you can imagine.  


SuperFormat™ are super-sized graphics offered by SuperGraphics. Produced on mega-large presses and installed by our team of expert graphic installers, SuperFormat™ graphics deliver an unequaled “WOW” effect for your brand.

Our SuperFormat™ applications include:

  • Building Wraps
  • Building Banners
  • Wall Murals
  • Stadium Graphics
  • Outdoor Event Graphics


Through SuperFormat™, we’ve achieved the Guinness World Record for the largest printed and installed digital graphic at a Boeing facility. We’ve also produced and installed graphics on the building where some of the world’s most advanced rockets are made: the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Come to us with your graphic dreams, and we will bring them to life– SuperFormat™.



Not only are our SuperFormat™ graphics huge, but they can even be environmentally friendly. SuperGraphics offers EcoFormat™ PVC-free material options for all graphic applications, ensuring they contribute to zero landfill waste. Plus, SuperGraphics can even treat your outdoor SuperFormat™ graphics with our air-purifying overprint, EcoFormat™ Coating, to actively clean the air of harmful pollutants.
Once your SuperFormat™ graphic has reached the end of life, we can remove and recycle them. With EcoFormat™ Recycling, we’ll ensure all your pre- and post-consumer waste from your SuperFormat™ graphics is given a clean second use as GigaFuel. Ensure your SuperFormat™ project is eco-friendly with EcoFormat™!


Not only do we manufacture our mega-large graphics, but our team of expert graphic installers can install them. The SuperFormat™ installation feats we achieve are not for the timid. Whether you need huge building banners to hang off your stadium, or dynamic wall graphics that spread across your company’s call center, we’ll get them in place with our SuperGraphics installation team or our network of certified installers across the country.


Frequently asked questions about SuperFormat™
SuperFormat™ is a new print classification offered by SuperGraphics. SuperFormat™ are super-sized graphics as large as you can imagine.
SuperFormat™ extends beyond large format and grand format print in size. SuperFormat™ graphics are at least ten feet wide and can be produced to any size imaginable.

First, we utilize our graphic expertise to design engineer the audacious solution. Next, we utilize our state-of-the-art presses to produce the complete artwork as multiple panels. Then, our graphic finishing team manufactures the panels to form the SuperFormat™ graphic. Finally, our certified graphic installation teams will expertly install your larger-than-life graphics on-site.

Our certified graphic installation teams know how to expertly install mega-large graphics. Whether it’s a hanging banner secured with carabiners or a wall graphic paneled across the side of a building, our install teams have a diverse set of skills and tools to flawlessly install graphics that are larger than life. Plus, we have an extensive network of graphic installation partners allowing us to complete SuperFormat™ installations nationwide.

The lifespan of SuperFormat™ graphics depends on the application type, location, and environmental conditions. Our team can educate you on the anticipated lifespan of your particular application.

Yes! We offer EcoFormat™ material options for all SuperFormat™ projects, ensuring that your project results in zero landfill waste.