Branding your organization’s fleet via vehicle wraps is an easy and professional way to market yourself on the road. When your fleet is wrapped with vibrant branding imagery and information, getting to and from any destination is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and build brand awareness. We’ll escort your project through every step, analyzing your business’s specific needs, managing design and production, and performing the graphic installation.


No matter what type of vehicle or how large of a quantity you’re looking to wrap, we can scale to meet your company’s needs. We’re capable of design engineering your artwork to any vehicle fleet— even if every make, model, and body style is different. Our organization has templates to design for nearly every vehicle and can produce unique templates in a timely fashion. SuperGraphics welcomes fleet wraps of any size and shape, including full, partial, and vehicle decals.


You want your fleet to be wrapped quickly and cost-effectively. We get it and we deliver. Our people, technology, process, discipline, and experience allow us to establish project specs, manage budgets, meet thin timelines, deliver clear efficient communication, and provide full transparency along the way.

PVC-free fleet wrap on Microsoft zero-emissions car. With this fleet of zero-emissions cars, Microsoft wished to highlight their efforts of reducing emissions overall and specifically in their campus communities. SuperGraphics used an Ecoformat™ PVC-free self-adhesive film to produce the graphics, making any pre or post-production waste of the project recyclable.


If you’re motivated to keep your fleet as eco-friendly as possible, SuperGraphics offers two benefits to improve the sustainability of your fleet. We can provide you with a zero-landfill waste fleet wrap through EcoFormat™ material options. All pre- and post-consumer waste can be recycled through our EcoFormat™ Recycling services. Additionally, we’ve added EcoFormat™ Coating to our Fleet material solutions. EcoFormat™ Coating is a clear overprint applied to the graphics that, when in combination with UV light, is scientifically proven to purify the air as you drive.

case studies

Blue and green vinyl-wrapped Prius with '74' and 'BOOM BOOM CLAP!' text, part of a Seattle fleet rebranding campaign.

Seattle Sounders Rebrand – Fleet

Side view of a white Seattle CARE Team SUV with branding

Seattle 9-1-1 Care Team Fleet

Side view of a bike safety education trailer with green and blue graphics, including a map and cycling symbols, from Cascade Bicycle Club

Cascade Bicycle Club

Kenmore Air EQC Tribal Plane Vinyl Wrap

Kenmore Air x EQC Plane Wrap

Seattle Mariners Boat Wrap

Seattle Mariners City Connect Boat


Fleet Products

Full Vehicle Wraps

We can produce and install full car wraps, full van wraps, full bus wraps, full box truck wraps, full semi-truck wraps, full trailer wraps, full plane wraps, full streetcar wraps, full train wraps, and more.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

We can produce and install partial car wraps, partial van wraps, partial bus wraps, partial box truck wraps, partial semi-truck wraps, partial trailer wraps, partial plane wraps, partial streetcar wraps, partial train wraps, and more.

Vehicle Decals

We can produce and install car decals, van decals, bus decals, box truck decals, semi-truck decals, trailer decals, plane decals, streetcar decals, train decals, and more.

EV Charging Station Wraps

We can wrap your electric vehicle charging stations with branded graphics, including full wraps, partial wraps, or decals.

Sustainable Fleet Solutions

Ask us how we can accomplish a sustainable fleet for your organization.


Frequently asked questions about fleet
A fleet, stemming from the late Old English origin being a naval force under one command, is a group of vehicles that are under the same ownership. When we wrap a fleet, we’re wrapping multiple vehicles under a company or association, typically with similar graphics and messaging. At SuperGraphics, to wrap a fleet is to wrap multiple vehicles.

Yes! We have templates for nearly every make, model, and body style of vehicle that’s out there. If we don’t have your specific vehicle template ready to go, we’re able to create them in a timely fashion. Depending on your project, we may survey the vehicle to ensure we get your graphics right.

You can expect your car wrap to last between five and seven years. The longevity of the graphics depends on conditions such as where you store your vehicle, what kind of weather it’s exposed to, and how you wash it. If your vehicle wrap does become damaged, you can contact us to assist with repairs.

We created a guide to answer all your questions about how to care for your vehicle wrap! Check it out here: EcoFormat Fleet Graphics Care Guide

Yes! Our certified graphic installation team is capable of wrapping vehicles either in-house at SuperGraphics or at your location in the greater Seattle area, and we have an extensive network of installation partnerships nationwide that are able to complete preliminary vehicle surveys and installations wherever you may be.
Our team of designers can be of assistance as early as the conceptual design phase, can tailor your artwork to custom-fit your space, or simply prep your completed artwork to be sent to the presses. Whatever level of support you’re looking for in graphic design, we’re here to help.

With G7 Expert Certification, color matching capabilities, and state-of-the-art digital presses, we can guarantee your color will be 100% accurate to your brand.

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