Experiential environments

Great environments inspire, inform, and announce your brand. Distilling your brand story into key dimensional elements is essential to creating an experiential environment. Through intentional interior decor, we can highlight your brand’s message and bring your vision to life. We welcome collaboration to transform your facilities, campuses, and corporate offices to inspire visitors and share your brand story.
University of Montana Champions Center, completed by SuperGraphics.


Your environments are key to expressing your brand to employees, customers, and stakeholders. At Supergraphics, we transform your environment into an experience that stimulates your audience. Your story matters: We integrate your story and space to amplify your brand. 


Sophisticated storytelling begins with listening, design engineering, and innovation. We take the time to understand your space and branding goals. Next, we survey your environment and design engineer your project to maximize the impact.  Finally, we call upon a limitless palette of capabilities to deliver graphics and installation that are beyond reproach. Our design engineering process will take you exactly where you want to be.
T-Mobile office graphics in Parsippany, NJ. Frame, dimensional text and lit Un-Carrier letterforms completed by SuperGraphics.
Bezos Academy environmental graphics, completed by SuperGraphics. Includes colorful wall graphics and privacy film.


SuperGraphics is a dynamic and fearless team. We welcome challenges, complexity, and quick turns from single office decor to full campus rebranding. We proactively identify and solve problems before they happen to deliver smooth and seamless projects.

case studies

Experiential Environments
Wide view of a modern office interior with vibrant Bataleon and Rome Snowboards wall murals

Low Pressure Studios

A modern office space with vibrant wall covering depicting abstract graphics, enhancing the experiential environment.

Experiential Environments – Office Graphics

Lumen Field hallway with IV branding and wall graphics.

Whiskey Loft at Lumen Field

Glass with white ink text on office doors.

PitchBook Office

Exterior wall graphics for Forest Ridge tennis courts, completed by SuperGraphics

Environmental Graphics Forest Ridge School of The Sacred Heart


Experiential Environment Products

wall graphics

Custom retail store interior and exterior wall graphics, wall decals, wall covering, wallpaper, barricade graphics, unique special effects and more.

window graphics

Custom retail store interior and exterior window graphics, retail window decals, dusted crystal, perforated vinyl film, and more.

Environmental Signage

Custom interior and exterior environmental signage, corporate branding signage, dimensional signage, wayfinding signage, informational signage, SEG frames, acrylic signage, and more.

Vinyl Wraps

Custom interior and exterior vinyl wraps including locker wraps, utility box wraps, floor graphics, wayfinding floor graphics, and more.


Custom interior and exterior banners, pole banners, hanging banners, building banners, retractable banners, and more.

Sustainable Environmental Solutions

Ask us how we can accomplish a sustainable environmental solution for your organization.


Frequently asked questions about experiential environments
An experiential environment is created when a company, brand, or corporate environment has been transformed from a space into an experience. Graphics or decor are used to build an engaging space for its viewers, audience, or customers. Most commonly this is achieved when the environmental design shares the company’s story, allowing people to develop a connection with the space and the brand.

Experiential environmental graphics are not the same thing as environmentally friendly graphics. The ‘Environmental’ in ‘Experiential Environments’ is associated with the physical space, not the sustainable impact. However, at SuperGraphics, we can make any of your experiential environment graphics eco-friendly with EcoFormat™! If you’re looking for PVC-free, 100% recyclable graphics that will ensure your company, brand, or corporate environment will contribute to zero landfill graphic waste, SuperGraphics has got you covered.

Experiential environments can be both indoors and outdoors, and they aren’t exclusive to one another even in the same project. For example, pole banners and display graphics can be used to create a captivating sense of place for an outdoor campus, while wall graphics and dimensional signage can liven the interior office environment.

Yes! If you have numerous sites you’re looking to renovate, we’re able to scale to support you. We can get your graphics installed anywhere with our nationwide installation reach.

Our team of designers can be of assistance as early as the conceptual design phase, can tailor your artwork to custom-fit your space, or simply prep your completed artwork to be sent to the presses. Whatever level of support you’re looking for in graphic design, we’re here to help.

With G7 Expert Certification, color matching capabilities, and state-of-the-art digital presses, we can guarantee your color will be 100% accurate to your brand.

Yes. Our certified graphic installation team is able to complete vinyl and graphic installations throughout the Pacific Northwest, and we have an extensive network of partnerships allowing us to complete graphic installations nationwide.

recycling materials, eliminating waste