Frequently asked questions for SuperGraphics


We hope to provide all the answers you’re looking for on this page. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help!
SuperGrapics – Design questions
If you’re looking for design support, we’ve got your back. Our team is can assist at any point in the design process from conceptual design to pre-press layout design. Whether you have artwork ready to print, are looking for your artwork to be templated to your space, or don’t know where to start, we’ll ensure you have a design proof you love before it hits the press.
With G7 Expert Certification, color matching capabilities, and state-of-the-art digital presses, we can guarantee your color will be 100% accurate to your brand.

At SuperGraphics, Design Engineering is where we fuse our environmental design knowledge and engineering expertise to create a solution best fit for our client’s needs. First, we take a consultative approach to listen to and understand your unique ideas. Then we use our expertise to provide insight to the best solution. Through Design Engineering, we build the foundation to bring you exactly where you want to be.

SuperGrapics – Logistics questions

This varies by the size and complexity of your project. Although our presses are among the fastest in the industry, there are multiple steps to arriving at a completed project including pre-press design, graphic finishing, and graphic installation. Our sales representatives will work with you to establish a timeframe to meet your goals.

Yes! We’re able to print, ship, and/or install a seamless turn-key graphics program for your national needs.

Yes! We understand that deadlines can be tight and we’re here to help. Our team is equipped to handle quick-turn projects to ensure you get your graphics on short notice.
Yes! We can custom kit your graphics, consolidating everything needed for installation into a single package. Our company can deliver to as many locations as you need with our precise packaging and distribution management.
Yes! We not only ship overnight, but we can also ship with common carriers, LTL, full truck shipments, customized truck door-to-door, large-scale airfreight, or anything else you could dream of.
As big as you can imagine, we can deliver. If you need graphics at multiple locations, we offer a seamless nationwide turn-key graphics program. If you need mega-large graphics, we offer SuperFormat™ mega-large graphics. Since 2006, our company has held the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest digital graphic. We not only produced the 10,000-square-foot graphic, but our team also even installed it!

SuperGrapics – Large Format Printing questions

The term “format” in print generally refers to the size or dimensions of the printing material. Therefore, a large format printer is capable of printing on larger materials, typically over 20 inches wide.
Yes! We have fabrication capabilities to manufacture and assemble raw or semi-finished printed materials. We also have a small format digital printer we utilize for jobs daily.
  • Banners – Outdoor banners, pole banners, retractable banners, building banners, fence banners, and more.
  • Window Graphics – Window decals, privacy film, window murals, and more.
  • Wall Graphics – Wall covering, wall decals, wallpaper, wall murals, and more.
  • Signage – Wayfinding signage, dimensional signage, branding signage, POP/POS signage, and more.
  • Vinyl Wraps – Locker wraps, EV charging station wraps, utility box wraps, fleet wraps, floor graphics, and more.
  • SuperFormat™ – Mega-large and audacious graphic projects.
We digitally print on rolls of material and rigid substrates such as vinyl, boards, film, wood, acrylic, aluminum, fabric, mesh, paper, and more. We also offer EcoFormat™ PVC-free alternatives for every application type at SuperGraphics, which can be recycled to a clean second use with EcoFormat™ Recycling.
At SuperGraphics, there is no max graphic size! We can manufacture graphics as large as you can imagine. We call our mega-large graphics SuperFormat™.
And we don’t just talk the talk; Since 2006, our company has held the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest digital graphic. We not only produced the 10,000-square-foot graphic, but our team even installed it!
SuperGraphics is equipped with six digital presses.
  • Durst P5 350: Our state-of-the-art hybrid press. Six-color UV rigid and roll press up to 10 feet wide or dual 60-inch wide. White ink capable.
  • Durst Rho 312R Plus: Our state-of-the-art roll press primarily used for wallpaper and vinyl. Six-color UV roll press up to 10 feet wide or dual 60-inch wide.
  • EFI Vutek H5: Eight-color UV Hybrid Press. Rigid and roll press up to 10 feet wide or dual 54-inch wide. Prints up to nine layers of texture, multi-layer for second surface, and white ink capable.
  • HP Latex 800W: Our latex press for vehicles and fleets with flexible ink. Four-color roll and rigid press up to 64 inches wide. White ink capable.
  • Océ Colorado: Our high-quality large format press for quick-turn projects. Four-color UV roll press up to 64 inches wide.
  • Ricoh Pro C7210X: Five-color small format digital printer.
SuperGraphics’ arsenal of graphic finishing capabilities is unlimited. We’re capable of vinyl cutting, automating trimming, router cutting, guillotine cutting, SEG framing, fabrication, laminating (gloss, luster, or matte), automated weeding, automated premasking, and banner finishing (custom pole pockets, welding, sewing, grommet installation).
SuperGraphics’ Director of Digital is a certified G7 Expert, demonstrating expertise in color management, process, and quality control for printing and proofing. They ensure our equipment, technology, and workflows are aligned with G7 standards.

SuperGrapics – Installation questions

We can install anything we produce. Signage, wall graphics, window film, floor graphics, banners… you name it, we can install it.
SuperGraphics can complete graphic installations anywhere. Our certified team is able to complete graphic installations throughout the greater Seattle area and Pacific Northwest. We have an extensive network of graphic installation partners allowing us to complete graphic installations nationwide.
Yes, we can install graphics on textured or rough surfaces including brick, concrete, and stucco. Our team can determine the correct graphic material for the application type.
We can help design a program to save on overall installation expenses from designing programs that your team members can install to re-engineering a design for a simpler professional install.
Yes! SuperGraphics stands behind its installation services and ensures the graphics are properly installed and will last for the ensured manufacturer’s lifespan.
Nope! Graphic removals are an optional service once your temporary graphics have reached the end of use. However, if you want to ensure your EcoFormat™ graphics are properly recycled, SuperGraphics will need to recycle them through their open-loop recycling partnerships. This can be accomplished through a SuperGraphics Graphic Removal or by delivering your graphic waste to SuperGraphics. Learn more on our EcoFormat™ Recycling page.
SuperGrapics – Sustainability questions
EcoFormat™ is SuperGraphics’ commitment to educate and promote the demand for eco-friendly print materials, services, and supply chain from sourcing to disposition. When you choose EcoFormat™ materials and recycling services, we guarantee that your project will result in zero landfill waste from start to finish.
No, EcoFormat™ is a sustainable print initiative introduced by the company SuperGraphics.
Currently, EcoFormat™ is offered exclusively at SuperGraphics.
Many large format materials are printed on non-recyclable plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Not only are these plastics harmful to manufacture, but they continue releasing harmful toxins while they slowly break down in the landfill over the course of tens of years. The gases emitted from landfills contribute to climate change and pose a toxic threat to both humans and animals.
Through EcoFormat™, we:
  • Source sustainable print materials and offer clean solutions to clients
  • Ensure our recycling supply chain is clean with a true second use
  • Conduct open-loop recycling workflows to reduce/eliminate the production of pre-consumer waste
  • Help our customers recycle graphics at the end of use
Brands choose EcoFormat™ to ensure their graphic project is clean, eco-friendly, safe, and contributes to zero landfill waste. Sustainability is no longer being looked at as a bonus for a brand, but as an expectation. EcoFormat™ empowers brands to reduce their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals without hindering quality or breaking the bank.
EcoFormat™ materials are PVC-free and can be recycled to a clean second use through our recycling partnerships. We’re also working to incorporate more material options created from recycled materials.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a non-recyclable plastic that is both harmful to manufacture and biodegrade. Once PVC reaches the landfill, it takes tens of years to break down while releasing harmful toxins in the process. We’ve partnered with a local recycler that is capable of giving a clean second use to all PVC-free materials.
Nope! Before offering an EcoFormat™ material, we complete extensive testing to ensure they meet our quality standards.
To support our EcoFormat™ Initiative, we developed the EcoFormat™ Sustainability Cycle to articulate how we conduct every EcoFormat™ project sustainably. Every EcoFormat™ project follows the EcoFormat™ Sustainability Cycle to ensure the production of zero landfill waste from start to finish. Through open-loop recycling workflows and disposition supply chain partnerships, all pre- and post-consumer waste is recycled to a clean second use.
In addition to our internal practices of recycling all pre-consumer waste, we offer EcoFormat™ Recycling as a service for your used graphics. By returning post-consumer waste to our facility by delivery or a SuperGraphics’ graphic removal, we can give it a clean second use as GigaFuel.
GigaFuel is ground-up PVC-free materials that are burned as a low-carbon fuel for energy production.
EcoFormat™ Coating, powered by PURETi™, is an optional clear spray applied during the production process that turns your outdoor graphics into a self-cleaning air purifier. This solution converts nearby harmful air pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless minerals and gasses. Ecoformat™ Coating works for up to five years as long as it has access to humidity and light.
With open-loop recycling, materials are converted into either a new material or waste product. As SuperGraphics converts its waste to GigaFuel, a low-carbon fuel substitute, we are conducting open-loop recycling. SuperGraphics is one of the few printers in the US executing open-loop recycling for all their PVC-free waste. With closed-loop recycling, materials are converted into the same product such as plastic bottles being recycled back into plastic bottles. Unfortunately, there are no closed-loop recycling options available for large-format recyclable plastics in the market today.
Pre-consumer waste is generated in-shop during the manufacturing or production process. This includes trimming and excess material.
Post-consumer waste refers to the waste generated by the consumer after using the product. This includes items such as packaging and graphic waste. Fortunately, SuperGraphics is capable of recycling all EcoFormat™ graphic waste through EcoFormat™ Recycling. Let’s schedule your EcoFormat™ Recycling appointment today!
We strive to keep EcoFormat™ material costs as close to common market materials as possible.
SuperGraphics is both SGP and EnviroStars certified.
When you choose to have Supergraphics produce, install, remove, and recycle your EcoFormat™ graphics, your project accumulates zero landfill waste from start to finish. To celebrate this sustainable achievement, we calculate the total square footage of material that is diverted from the landfill and present this to you on an EcoFormat™ Certificate of Sustainability. We hope that this certificate serves as a continual reminder of the environmental impact you made by selecting EcoFormat™.

SuperGrapics – Superformat questions

SuperFormat™ is a new print classification offered by SuperGraphics. SuperFormat™ are super-sized graphics as large as you can imagine.
SuperFormat™ extends beyond large format and grand format print in size. SuperFormat™ graphics are at least ten feet wide and can be produced to any size imaginable.
First, we utilize our graphic expertise to design engineer the audacious solution. Next, we utilize our state-of-the-art presses to produce the complete artwork as multiple panels. Then, our graphic finishing team manufactures the panels to form the SuperFormat™ graphic. Finally, our certified graphic installation teams will expertly install your larger-than-life graphics on-site.
Our certified graphic installation teams know how to expertly install mega-large graphics. Whether it’s a hanging banner secured with carabiners or a wall graphic paneled across the side of a building, our install teams have a diverse set of skills and tools to flawlessly install graphics that are larger than life. Plus, we have an extensive network of graphic installation partners allowing us to complete SuperFormat™ installations nationwide.
The lifespan of SuperFormat™ graphics depends on the application type, location, and environmental conditions. Our team can educate you on the anticipated lifespan of your particular application.
Yes! We offer EcoFormat™ material options for all SuperFormat™ projects, ensuring that your project results in zero landfill waste.