Leading the way to a sustainable future

The SuperGraphics Ecoformat™ Initiative

Why Ecoformat™?

The large format print industry is experiencing growth via technology and innovation, leading to more visibility into the impact this print segment has on the environment.  Specifically, how materials for printed products are sourced and disposed of. At SuperGraphics, it has become essential to evolve our approach to environmental issues from concept, to completion, to waste disposal.

Going green is the right thing to do

After assessing our sustainability for the past year, we discovered that we needed to improve our practices by committing to:

  • Recycling and the elimination of pre-consumer waste
  • Sourcing sustainable print materials
  • Offering to recycle post-consumer signage for our customers, when appropriate
  • Internal recycling, composting and eliminating the use of plastic in our shop

Consumers Demand Clean Supply Chains

Consumers now demand corporations take an active role in protecting the environment by offering eco-friendly, clean, and safe products.


We recognize and value our clients’ need for affordable, eco-friendly print materials, so we focused our attention on developing a comprehensive environmentally-friendly philosophy around materials and services.


Ecoformat™ is our commitment to educate and promote the demand for eco-friendly print materials, services, and supply chain from sourcing to disposition.


Ecoformat™ starts with an assessment of the material needs for a project. SuperGraphics will match the right material to the requirement while also taking into account the environmental impact of production, installation, and eventual disposition.


Our exclusive program is designed to deliver an eco-friendly solution at the same cost as prevailing common market materials. We call this cost-neutral or waste-neutral, with cost-neutral meaning no extra cost and waste neutral-meaning no landfill waste was created as a part of the final project.


Recycling and the elimination of pre-consumer waste in the landfill

Pre-consumer waste is the material that is used in the manufacturing process but is not a part of the final product.. While compiling our research, we discovered that most of the pre-consumer waste that can be recycled, is actually shipped to the landfill by today’s supply chain. Part of the problem is the waste supply chain system lacks the infrastructure to recycle plastic print materials effectively and economically.

​Our goal is to recycle as much of our production waste as possible while eliminating waste.

SuperGraphics has done the research to develop a unique supply chain for recyclable pre-consumer waste materials. Our pre-consumer waste materials are all 100% recycled. Furthermore, we have developed a way to track our progress by working closely with our recycler and measuring how much trash and recycling materials are picked up from our shop each month. We developed an internal system of separating materials into separate bins that are picked up and delivered directly to the appropriate recyclers. Additionally, we installed new dumpsters for our pre-consumer waste and organized our shop to simplify our recycling program.


Completing the print material supply chain:
Ask your SuperGraphics Sales Professional about completing the supply chain cycle for your next project.   We envision a future when all print campaigns and projects are printed on eco-friendly materials, are installed, and then cleanly recycled. We ask that you challenge SuperGraphics to deliver this future to you today.


Sustainability Goals


offer sustainable materials

Always offer eco-friendly, sustainable print materials to customers.


BY 2025

Reduction of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) materials by 2025



Overall reduction of pre-consumer and shop waste.

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