Whiskey Loft at Lumen Field

SuperGraphics delivers bold wall graphics for Lumen Field’s Whiskey Loft, elevating the space 🏈


Seattle, WA


Sept. 2023


Wall Graphics

Whiskey Wonders 🥃 

The Whiskey Loft project at Lumen Field showcases SuperGraphics’ capacity to produce and install high-impact wall graphics that command attention and create memorable spaces. This endeavor required meticulous coordination from the initial design engineering phase through to the final installation, ensuring that the essence of the whiskey brands was captured and presented in a way that would resonate with visitors to the loft.

Our production team utilized advanced printing technology to create the wall graphics, which were designed to be both visually appealing and high quality. Attention to detail was paramount, as the graphics needed to align perfectly with the client’s vision and the fit within the physical space given.

The color matching expertise of SuperGraphics was central to achieving a visually cohesive space that reflects the quality and identity of the whiskey brands showcased. With a certified G7 Expert on our team, we ensured that our equipment and workflows adhered to G7 standards, which are the global industry benchmarks for color consistency and quality.

Installation was handled by our certified professionals, who employed their extensive experience to execute the project seamlessly. The process involved precise application techniques and coordination to minimize disruption to the venue’s operations. The installation team worked efficiently to install the graphics, which included large-scale brand logos and intricate typographic elements, ensuring each piece was perfectly placed and presented.

The completed project resulted in a transformed space that elevated the Whiskey Loft’s aesthetic and atmosphere, contributing to an enhanced customer experience. SuperGraphics delivered a tailored solution that met the client’s needs for high-quality, visually compelling graphics that aligned with the loft’s sophisticated environment.

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