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Seattle Mariners City Connect Boat

Learn more about how we helped the Seattle Mariners celebrate the release of their City Connect branding by vinyl wrapping this boat. ????️⚾️


Seattle, WA


May 2023


Vinyl Wrap

Sailing to Success 🛥️ 

At SuperGraphics, we’re not just experts in vinyl wrapping; we’re also adept at transforming ideas into captivating realities. A prime example of our creativity and collaboration is the recent project we undertook for the Seattle Mariners’ City Connect branding launch. The challenge? To seamlessly blend the essence of the Mariners’ new City Connect uniform design in association with Seattle’s boating opening day with a one-of-a-kind boat wrap!  

Mariners’ Marketing conceived an ingenious concept to draw attention to their newly released and innovative City Connect uniform – what better way than wrapping a boat? Our collaboration began with locating a local boat owner who shared our enthusiasm for this groundbreaking project.

The journey wasn’t smooth sailing, but we thrive on challenges. The dynamic environment presented us with a unparalleled challenge we couldn’t resist, installing on the water. We took it up a notch by working through tough weather conditions, ensuring the project soared beyond expectations.
Working closely with the Mariners’ designer was key to ensuring the design flawlessly adorned the boat. Our value proposition extended beyond aesthetics. We orchestrated a harmonious symphony among various stakeholders – the Mariners, the dock manager, and the boat owner. Our ability to synchronize these components ensured an out-of-the-park experience. 
Amidst the waves and winds, we transformed a simple boat into a striking representation of the Mariners’ vibrant City Connect uniforms. This project was about translating creativity into reality while navigating challenges. Through a blend of art, engineering, and collaboration, we took the Mariners’ design from the field to the sea, capturing attention, celebrating innovation, and making it happen.

At SuperGraphics, we don’t just wrap; we embrace, elevate, and execute visions!

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