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Seattle Monorail Pillar Wraps

Explore SuperGraphics’ vibrant wraps for the Seattle Monorail pillars, showcasing urban art with the protection of our anti-graffiti film!


Seattle, WA


June 2024


Experiential Environmental

In a city renowned for its vibrant urban art, SuperGraphics has significantly enhanced Seattle’s visual landscape through an impactful project with the Seattle Monorail. Highlighted by the Seattle Times, these dynamic murals exemplifies our dedication to beautifying urban environments and strengthening community ties.

In collaboration with Seattle Monorail, Seattle Center, City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, and a local artist, SuperGraphics transformed several monorail columns into canvases that capture the essence of Seattle. Featuring iconic cityscapes and vivid abstracts, the murals convert everyday travel into immersive visual experiences. The artwork, created by local linocut artist Leslie Nan Moon, reflects the cultural activities and community organizations integral to the city’s identity, enriching the 5th Avenue corridor and re-energizing downtown Seattle.

To ensure the longevity and pristine condition of these murals, each is protected with our advanced anti-graffiti film. This safeguard allows the murals to withstand vandalism and environmental wear, preserving their visual impact for the entirety of their use. See it in action here!

This initiative not only beautifies underutilized urban spaces but also showcases SuperGraphics’ expertise in large-scale printing and sophisticated installation. It demonstrates how commercial art can be a powerful tool for cultural expression and community revitalization.

As we continue to innovate in visual communication, SuperGraphics is committed to enhancing cityscapes and fostering artistic expression, contributing significantly to city beautification efforts.

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