Signage is an essential tool for announcing your business, attracting clients, promoting your brand, directing your audience, and more. Our team can consult, fabricate, and install the signage most suitable for your needs. Allow SuperGraphics to support your brand’s messaging with quality signage. 


We have extensive experience in custom signage design, fabrication, printing, and installation in Seattle and nationwide. We print and manufacture interior or exterior custom signage for any occasion, including:
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Business or office signage
  • Event signage
  • Retail or retail campaign signage
  • Storefront signage
  • POS/POP signage
  • Advertising signage
  • Dimensional signage, dimensional lettering, or logos
  • Acrylic signage with standoffs
  • Foam board signs
  • Freestanding signage or standee 
  • Illuminated or backlit signage
  • SEG frames
  • Faux neon signage
  • Monument signage
  • Acoustical felt graphics
  • SuperFormat™ mega-large signage
  • EcoFormat™ eco-friendly signage


SuperGraphics offers EcoFormat™ PVC-free signage that contributes to zero landfill waste. With EcoFormat™ Recycling, we can ensure all your pre- and post-consumer waste from your signage is given a clean second use as GigaFuel. Ensure your signage is eco-friendly with EcoFormat™!


Not only do we manufacture and print signage, but our team of expert graphic installers can install them. Whether you’re looking to install backlit signage at retail stores across the country or branded freestanding signage across a university campus, we’ll get them in place with our SuperGraphics install team or our network of certified installers across the country. If your project requires permitting, our project management team can assist you with permitting your signage on private or public property.


Frequently asked questions about signage

Signage is commonly used for business branding and advertising. It can also serve functional purposes such as facility wayfinding, safety, or compliance. Signage can also be used for decorative purposes such as retail or event displays, or storefront identification.

With so many types of signage applications, the materials can vary greatly. We pick the best materials for your application. Some of the most common materials we use include acrylic, foam board, expanded PVC, metal, wood, fabric, felt, and plastic. However, with our EcoFormat™ material line, we offer PVC-free, recyclable options for every signage application type.

The right type, design, and location of signage depend on its intent. With our expertise, SuperGraphics can help determine the best solutions for all those factors.

Signage can help to increase brand awareness, attract customers, communicate important information, and enhance the visual appeal of a space.

Signage permitting is dependent on the location (the state and/or city) and whether it’s on private or public property. At SuperGraphics, we’re able to assist with the permitting process to ensure your signage is properly permitted.

Our certified graphic installation teams know how to expertly install signage. They have a diverse set of skills and tools to perfectly secure your signage where you need it. Plus, we have an extensive network of graphic installation partners allowing us to complete signage installations nationwide.

There are common sizes for some applications, but we can custom produce signage to any size depending on your needs. We even offer SuperFormat™: Mega-large graphics that extend beyond 10 feet in width!
Yes! We offer durable signage materials that can withstand various weather conditions. Our certified installers ensure proper installation so the signage stays in place. Plus, SuperGraphics can even treat your outdoor graphics with our air-purifying overprint, EcoFormat™ Coating, so they can actively clean the air when combined with UV light.
The lifespan of signage depends on the application type, location, and environmental conditions. Our team can educate you on the anticipated lifespan of your particular application.
This varies depending on multiple factors such as the type, size, and material used for signage. Please reach out to us with your ideas and questions so we can provide you with an estimate.
Yes! We offer EcoFormat™ material options for all signage projects. Plus, SuperGraphics can even treat your outdoor graphics with our air-purifying overprint, EcoFormat™ Coating, so they can actively clean the air when combined with UV light.
With EcoFormat™ Recycling, we can recycle your graphics to ensure that your project results in zero landfill waste from start to finish.