Seattle Sounders Rebrand – Fleet

Seattle Sounders’ dynamic vehicle and truck wraps by Toyota showcase bold branding and mobile advertising impact.


Seattle, WA


Feb. 2024


Fleet Wraps, Vinyl Wrap

Score with style! 🤩 

When the Seattle Sounders announced a complete logo rebrand, the ripple effect was set to touch every facet of their visual presence, most notably their fleet of branded vehicles. In a strategic partnership with Toyota and other key partners, the renowned soccer club took on the ambitious project of rewrapping their fleet to align with the new branding – just in time for the season opener.

Previously, the vehicles bore the club’s classic insignia, familiar and cherished by fans. However, as the Sounders evolved, so did their brand image. The rebrand wasn’t merely a change in visuals; it was a reinvigoration of the team’s identity, aimed at stirring excitement for what the new season would bring.

Multiple stakeholders were brought together for this branding endeavor, ensuring the wraps would not only reflect the Sounders’ new image but also serve as a mobile billboard to promote the club’s dynamic future.

The result: two freshly wrapped Toyota vehicles – a nod to the partnership and a symbol of innovation – were revealed, showcasing the Sounders’ new logo with its sharp design elements and a color palette that echoed the energy of the city and its fans.

As these vehicles cruise through Seattle, they are more than just a mode of transport; they are carriers of a legacy, visual beacons of a branding era full of promise.

Keep an eye on the streets and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on exciting projects that capture the spirit of innovation and the thrill of the game.

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