The Museum of Flight

Explore our case study on these exceptional window graphics we produced and installed for the Museum of Flight here in Seattle, WA. ✈️


Seattle, WA


April, 2023


Vinyl Wrap, Window Graphics

Take Flight ✈️ 

At The Museum of Flight, aviation history and imagination soar hand in hand. While the museum is renowned for its vast collection of aircraft and aerospace artifacts, it recently embarked on a project that aimed to captivate visitors in a new way—through the magic of window graphics.

The challenge was clear: to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The museum’s management envisioned window graphics that would not just inform but inspire, emphasizing creativity and fun. The goal was to create an atmosphere where visitors, especially children, could let their imaginations take flight.

Collaborating closely with the museum’s team, we set out to produce and install window graphics that would achieve this imaginative vision. Our approach was to treat the windows as canvases, employing vibrant colors and whimsical designs.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. As visitors approach the museum, they are greeted by a playful display of vibrant yellow paper airplanes accompanied by soaring butterflies. These captivating graphics invite everyone to embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of ordinary perception, where imagination knows no limits.

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