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window graphics

Improve your company’s outlook with window graphics. Whether interior or exterior, permanent or temporary, window graphics are an effective way to increase brand awareness and compliment your environmental decor or storefront.  Our team can print and install custom window graphics, murals, or decals of any shape, color, or size.


We have extensive experience in custom window graphics printing, design, and installation in Seattle and nationwide. We print and manufacture custom window graphics for any environment, including:
  • Vinyl window graphics
  • Window murals
  • Window decals
  • Window clings
  • Privacy window film
  • Vinyl cut lettering
  • Perforated window graphics
  • Retail window graphics
  • Event window graphics
  • Corporate office window graphics
  • Opaque or blockout window graphics
  • SuperFormat™ mega-large window graphics
  • EcoFormat™ eco-friendly window graphics


Privacy window film, dusted crystal, white-ink privacy graphics, frosted window graphics… whatever you call it, we can produce and install it. Window film is an elegant way to provide privacy for your conference rooms or your business. Combine branding and functionality with privacy film.


SuperGraphics offers EcoFormat™ PVC-free window graphics that contribute to zero landfill waste. With EcoFormat™ Recycling, we can ensure all your pre- and post-consumer waste from your window graphics is given a clean second use as GigaFuel. Ensure your company’s window graphics are eco-friendly with EcoFormat™!


Not only do we print window graphics, but our team of expert graphic installers can install them. We’ll get your graphics in place with our SuperGraphics install team or our network of certified installers across the country.


Not only do we print window graphics, but our team of expert graphic installers can install them. We’ll get your graphics in place with our SuperGraphics install team or our network of certified installers across the country.


Frequently asked questions about window graphics

Window graphics are commonly used for interior décor, offering privacy, or advertising purposes such as branding or marketing. They’re a great opportunity to take advantage of window space for beauty and branding. Any market can benefit from window graphics whether promoting a retail campaign on your storefront, building an entrance attraction for your tradeshow event, or decorating your office with engaging branding. 

We can produce window graphics on a variety of materials including PET and other films. Window graphics are durable and print beautifully with a range of available finishes such as gloss, matte, or clear. Plus, we offer EcoFormat™ PVC-free material that can be recycled through EcoFormat™ Recycling, contributing to zero landfill waste.

Yes! SuperGraphics can produce custom privacy film utilizing solid etched glass or other privacy film designs. We also print custom privacy films using a proprietary white ink recipe in any combination imaginable.

Our certified graphic installation teams expertly install adhesive or wet vinyl installations. They have a diverse set of skills and tools to seamlessly arrange and align window graphic panels, free of air bubbles and wrinkles.

Window graphics can be installed either inside or outside! The terms used within the print industry for interior and exterior window graphics are “first surface” or “second surface.” First surface graphics are applied to the exterior surface of a window, and second surface graphics are applied to the interior surface of a window facing outward. Both are durable options with the correct materials used, but first surface windows do have more exposure to environmental elements.

Anti-graffiti laminate is a key ingredient to securing your brand image for the graphic lifecycle. We also utilize other laminates and durably-engineered materials to provide extra longevity or other special requirements. 

At SuperGraphics, there is no standard window graphic size. If you’re looking for a simple storefront decal or a highrise window mural, we’ll scale to your needs. SuperGraphics can custom produce your wall graphics to any size, and we could even extend the design onto the surrounding areas with wall or floor graphics!
Window graphic longevity can vary whether the graphics are interior, exterior, or facing harsh environmental conditions. We can select the perfect material and adhesive for your needs whether that’s permanent evergreen decor or a temporary installation. 

This varies depending on multiple factors such as the type, size, material, and quantity of window graphics. Please reach out to us with your ideas and questions so we can provide you with an estimate.

Yes! We offer EcoFormat™ material options for all window graphic projects. Plus, SuperGraphics can even treat your outdoor window graphics with our air-purifying overprint, EcoFormat™ Coating, so they can actively clean the air when combined with UV light.
With EcoFormat™ Recycling, we can recycle your graphics to ensure that your project results in zero landfill waste from start to finish.