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Package Concierge – Centurion Ironbound

This case study examines the integration of a Package Concierge smart locker system, focusing on the custom-designed locker wrap. 📬


Newark ,NJ


Oct. 2023


Locker Wrap


Package Delivery 📦 

In the urban landscape of Newark, New Jersey, a residential complex undertook a transformative project to upgrade its package delivery system. This case study examines the integration of a Package Concierge smart locker system, focusing on the custom-designed locker wrap that blends functionality with aesthetic appeal for their incoming packages.

For residential complexes, maintaining a strong and distinct brand identity is crucial. Custom smart locker wraps offer a unique opportunity to reinforce brand values and visual identity, creating a consistent and memorable experience for residents and visitors by incorporating elements that resonate with the community.

The primary challenge was creating a custom wrap for the smart lockers that would be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Our Seattle-based team developed an abstract geometric pattern symbolizing community and connectivity, utilizing a warm color palette to enhance the building’s environment.

The production of high-quality graphics required attention to detail and utilizing our state-of-the-art printing technology. Materials were chosen for their visual appeal and durability, essential for high-traffic areas in residential complexes.

Managing installation from Seattle presented logistical challenges, but our project management team coordinated each step, leveraging our nationwide network of certified installers to ensure efficient, high-standard execution for this smart locker wrap.

This project exemplifies the successful fusion of smart technology and custom design in a residential setting, highlighting the importance of visual branding and community engagement. It demonstrates how aesthetic enhancements can coexist with functional demands, enriching the urban living experience.

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