T-Mobile F1 Rollout

Seamless multi-store graphics for retail, showcasing T-Mobile’s 5G via dynamic graphic installation at Las Vegas outlets. Read more now!🏎️


Las Vegas, NV


Nov 2023


Window Graphics, Window Clings, Floor Graphics, Retail Graphics

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In line with the electrifying Las Vegas Grand Prix, T-Mobile initiated a targeted multi-store graphics campaign across its Las Vegas retail outlets, creating a localized yet impactful brand experience. This case study explores the strategic execution of the campaign and its implications for retail marketing.

The campaign’s central feature was the innovative use of floor graphics within T-Mobile’s flagship store, designed to mirror a racing track, which not only guided visitors throughout the store but also resonated with the Grand Prix theme. This intricate pathway was not merely decorative; it was an engagement tool that led customers to interactive zones, inviting them to connect with T-Mobile’s services in a context framed by speed and innovation.

Parallel to this, the store windows donned vibrant clings that married the essence of Formula 1 with T-Mobile’s message of 5G superiority. The localized execution allowed for a concentrated branding effort that created a community buzz and drew in a demographic energized by the Grand Prix festivities.

Campaigns can be meticulously kitted to meet the unique dimensions and design requirements of each retail environment. This kitting process involves pre-assembling individual campaign elements to ensure a flawless fit and brand consistency. The scalability of such operations allows for simultaneous multi-store installations, delivering uniformity in messaging and presentation across all locations.

T-Mobile’s Las Vegas campaign, showcased an underlying capability of immense value that SuperGraphics bring to their retail clients: the potential for nationwide installation and the flexibility to tailor any rollout to any store, anywhere. This agility in execution is pivotal for brands looking to establish a cohesive identity across diverse geographies. 


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