Chief Seattle Club 100% Recyclable Outdoor Banner

Ecoformat™ Project Spotlight

April 22, 2020

Founded in Pioneer Square in 1970, The Chief Seattle Club’s mission is to provide a sacred space to nurture, affirm, and renew the spirit of urban Native peoples.

They are a Native-led organization, providing social services integrated with traditional wellness. A part of wellness is adopting environmentally-friendly, sustainable standards throughout the organization.

Recently, the Chief Seattle Club required a large outdoor banner that would withstand inclement weather and resist fading. SuperGraphics consulted on the project and offered an Ecoformat™ material solution. The material that was selected is 100% recyclable outdoor banner material that was just introduced to the market. This material has greater tensile strength than standard Scrim PVC vinyl and prints outstanding, all the while staying within budget.

At SuperGraphics, we recognize and value our clients’ need for affordable, eco-friendly print materials, so we developed a comprehensive sustainability philosophy around supplying environmentally-friendly materials and services.

Ecoformat™ is our commitment to educate and promote the demand for eco-friendly print materials, services, and supply chain from sourcing to disposition.

We envision a future when all print campaigns and projects are printed with eco-friendly materials, are installed, and then cleanly recycled. We ask that you challenge SuperGraphics to deliver this future to you today.

• Chief Seattle Club

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