Gourmondo Café

Explore the vibrant window graphics of Gourmondo, where Seattle’s love for quality food and visual artistry come together. These retail window displays on Airport Way invite you into a world where gourmet catering and exceptional dining experiences are just a glimpse away.


Seattle, WA


July 2023


Window Graphics, Vinyl Wrap

‘Gour’…geous Graphics

In the dynamic landscape of Seattle, WA, Gourmondo set out to herald the arrival of their new café with an eye-catching display of retail window graphics, they turned to us at SuperGraphics.

The project began with a meticulous site survey, an essential step SuperGraphics undertakes to guarantee precision. The survey involved detailed measurements and assessments of the installation area. SuperGraphics’ evaluated the site’s complexities, capturing elevation plans and identifying potential challenges. This due diligence ensured that the upcoming production phase would be tailored to fit the site perfectly, turning possible obstructions into innovative design solutions​​​​.

Our expertise in environmental design and engineering provides a strong foundation to any project. We took Gourmondo’s branding, crafting window graphics that would serve as a narrative of the café’s gourmet offerings. Our challenge was to create a strategic storytelling endeavor, converting a construction barrier into a tantalizing preview of the delectable experiences inside.

SuperGraphics’ certified installation team brought the project to life with their flexibility and commitment, including the ability to perform after-hours installations if needed. The precision in the execution of the window graphics installation underscored the brand’s premium positioning and amplified anticipation among the community.

SuperGraphics’ capability to execute each project phase flawlessly, from the initial site survey to the final installation. It emphasizes their commitment to quality and demonstrates how strategic retail window graphics can be instrumental in building brand recognition and excitement within a community. Through this partnership, Gourmondo’s café was not just announced but was introduced with a promise of quality, setting a new benchmark for retail window graphics in Seattle.

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