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Largest Digital Graphic

The largest digital graphic, produced by 3M and designed by SuperGraphics, measures over 929 m² (10,000 ft²) and has been featured on the six bay doors on the assembly building of The Boeing Company in Everett, Washington, USA since the 15 of February 2006. CD from The Boeing Company provided. The Boeing Company has applied a pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed, digital graphic to its factory building in Everett, Washington. The mural gives the building an exciting look, one that attracts the eye of anyone. It’s a way to celebrate the people that are inside the factory and their passion for airplanes. The building, encompassing more than 98 acres and is recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest building in the world by volume. The mural has been applied to all six factory doors on the south side of the building, which range in size from 82 feet high by 300 feet wide to 82 feet high by 350 feet wide, each about the size of a National Football League (NFL) field. The doors have been measured by Boeing and by SuperGraphics, the company printing and applying all of the decals. The pressure-sensitive graphic film and other products were provided by 3M. The St. Paul, MN-based company pioneered the use of graphic films to wrap vehicles and buildings with promotional messages.

The film was digitally printed and installed by SuperGraphics, based in Seattle, Washington. Since 1993, SuperGraphics has used state-of-the-art design systems and electrostatic grand format ink jet and screen-printing technologies to create larger-than-life promotions that are impossible to miss. Each mural is distinct, but they carry through a common theme with lines rising and falling across all six.

Credit: Guinness World Records


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