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March 24, 2023

Seattle, WA – March 24, 2023 – SuperGraphics achieves SGP certification for sustainable large-format printing, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and providing innovative eco-friendly print solutions.

SuperGraphics, a leading Seattle based large format printer, is delighted to announce their certification by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP). 

SuperGraphics is the only current print-for-sale manufacturer to achieve this certification in Washington state. By accomplishing this, SuperGraphics joins a community of the most innovative and environmentally friendly printers across the nation.

SuperGraphics started their sustainability journey in 2018 with a simple goal; to leave the world better than they found it. A growing desire for eco-friendly print from clients and prospects also pushed SuperGraphics to investigate the environmental impact of large-format print and introduce solutions to reduce it.

The first step was creating and implementing EcoFormat™, the company’s sustainability policy, to establish sustainability in business practices and company culture. This resulted in a policy that focuses on providing their clients with an open-loop recycling program with zero-landfill waste solutions.

SuperGraphics then gained external recognition for their sustainability program with certification from EnviroStars of Washington in June 2022. EnviroStars ensures that SuperGraphics is green in all aspects of its business, from monitoring energy levels and water consumption to reducing landfill waste, just to name a few.

Achieving SGP Certification has given SuperGraphics national recognition for their sustainability efforts and acknowledges them as a leader in sustainable large-format printing. More importantly, it emphasizes their commitment to sustainability, EcoFormat™, and their clients.

SuperGraphics is always looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint despite rapid growth in the business. The SGP Continuous Improvement Project provides a framework to set specific goals for the company to work towards over the course of a calendar year. SuperGraphics exceeded their 2022 goal of increasing recycled tonnage of material, recording a 12% increase compared to 2021.  The new goal for 2023 is to decrease energy usage by at least 10% each month compared to monthly year-over-year numbers. “These projects are an important part of SGP Certification and our sustainability program,” says Sustainability Manager Maria Smith. “The projects reinforce sustainability as part of our company culture, and allow everyone to contribute and make a tangible, sustainable difference.”

President, Reid Baker, has focused company efforts on bringing sustainability innovation to the large format marketplace; “EcoFormat is innovation for the environment. We plan to bring spirit of innovation to everything we do, from lowering our carbon footprint and energy usage, to introducing new sustainable materials and recycling supply chains to our clients.”

SuperGraphics is a large format printer specializing in experiential graphics for environments, retail, event, and fleet. We manage complex projects sustainably and believe in open-loop recycling and clean second use. Our team is a trusted partner to many iconic brands who rely on our ability to execute local and nationwide programs from concept to completion with superior results.

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is a community of printing and packaging manufacturers, global brands suppliers, and supporting organizations working together to drive sustainability and meet the demands of today’s customers. Collectively, we make up the industry’s leading supply chain certification authority. Our job is to set standards, advocate best practices and promote innovation toward a more accountable, sustainable supply chain.


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