Locker Wraps – Estates McDonough

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Estates McDonough, GA


April 2023


Vinyl Graphics

Delivering Delight 📦

Morgan Properties, a prominent real estate management company, recognized the need to enhance the resident experience while differentiating themselves from competitors. In pursuit of this goal, they turned to the creative potential of locker wraps. Locker wraps provide a distinctive design aspect for smart lockers, enabling customization with bold logos, color schemes, and intricate designs that resonate with target audiences.

Morgan Properties faced several challenges in their quest to improve resident satisfaction and stand out in a competitive real estate market. Traditional smart lockers lacked a visual identity, making them indistinguishable from those of competitors. 

To address these challenges, Morgan Properties aimed to utilize the uniqueness of locker graphics to leave a lasting impression on their residents and enhance the functionality of their smart lockers. By incorporating locker wraps with personalized designs that reflected their brand identity, they not only added a unique visual appeal to their smart lockers but also improved the functionality of their package management system. Residents could now easily identify their lockers, leading to a more efficient, convenient, and friendlier package retrieval process. 

SuperGraphics has worked with Morgan Properties to service all of their print needs. However, that’s not where it stops. We are a one-stop shop for all clients. Beyond creating captivating graphics, our nationwide installation services have elevated brand recognition for various Morgan Properties throughout the country.

It’s evident that our partnership with Morgan Properties has not only met but exceeded their print and installation needs. Our commitment to delivering outstanding results and enhancing brand recognition remains unwavering. SuperGraphics looks forward to continuing this journey with Morgan Properties, offering innovative solutions and unmatched service, further strengthening their brand and market presence.


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