MiraCosta Locker

MiraCosta College’s innovative smart locker system, where vibrant LuxerOne locker wraps enhance both functionality and campus aesthetics, creating an engaging, self-service experience for students and faculty alike.😀


MiraCosta, CA


June 2023


Retail, Vinyl Wrap

Packaged Perfection📦 

MiraCosta College aimed to upgrade their lockers with high-quality graphics and turned to LuxerOne, who then partnered with us for our nationwide printing and installation capabilities. This case study underscores our end-to-end expertise from concept to completion, highlighting our strengths in design engineering, logistics, large format printing, and precise graphic installation.

The locker graphics at MiraCosta College serve a dual purpose: they create an efficient self-service system for students and enhance the campus’s visual environment, mirroring the institution’s vibrant energy.

This project exemplifies SuperGraphics’ skill in handling large-scale, complex initiatives across the country, maintaining the highest standards of quality and design. Our proactive approach in project management and logistics streamlines the installation process for locker manufacturers, offering a singular point of contact for projects that span nationwide, ensuring uniform branding and simplified management.

At SuperGraphics, we go beyond mere graphic printing; we craft experiences that resonate with audiences. Our collaboration with MiraCosta College and LuxerOne is a testament to our creative strategies in transforming spaces with smart locker graphics that not only captivate and inspire but also invigorate your environment.

Partner with SuperGraphics to streamline your complex locker campaigns nationwide. Reach out to us to leverage our expertise in delivering seamless solutions that uphold your brand’s integrity everywhere.

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