Fresh Wata x T-Mobile

Step into the world of T-Mobile’s Tech Event, a marvel of event graphics and installation precision. Witness how SuperGraphics’ rapid execution and collaborative spirit transformed strategic project management into a visual narrative of innovation.🥳


Bellevue, WA


Oct. 2023


Vinyl Wrap, Signage

Event Extravaganza 🥳 

The T-Mobile Tech Event exemplified excellence in event graphics, from strategic project management to the innovative installation techniques that brought the event to life. The installation process necessitated a swift turnaround, highlighting the team’s efficiency and the importance of fast-track execution in event graphic planning.
Upon arrival, attendees were greeted by an expansive wall mural at the entrance, setting the stage for the immersive experience ahead. This striking visual element served not only as a brand beacon but also as an indicator of the meticulous planning and teamwork involved in the event’s execution. The event featured an array of signage forms, including elegantly designed stands, sophisticated TV mounts, interactive kiosks, and sleek cabinets, and hanging signs all enveloped in the brand’s iconic magenta. These elements were not mere placeholders; they were integral to the narrative of innovation that T-Mobile was eager to convey.
The success of the event hinged on the installation team’s precise coordination and the ability to make on-the-spot strategic decisions. This adaptability showcased innovation in action, reflecting the agile and forward-thinking ethos of SuperGraphics and our can-do attitude.
Behind the scenes, the collaborative effort of the team was the pinnacle of the event’s seamless presentation. From project managers to designers and installers, every individual played a part in the rapid yet flawless assembly of the event. The final product was a masterclass in event graphic installation and meticulous project management, embodying SuperGraphics innovative spirit and creating an event that was as visually stunning as it was informative.

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