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College Gameday at UW Red Square

Explore how we helped with this opportunity to celebrate the University of Washington on a nationally televised level. šŸˆ


Seattle, WA


October 2023


Banners, EcoFormatĀ® Banners, Signage, Vinyl Wrap

3…2…1…Action! šŸˆšŸŽ„Ā 

In the realm of college football, ESPN’s College GameDay stands as a pinnacle event, and the University of Washington (UW) was about to host it. SuperGraphics took on this challenging task with just a two-week countdown to the nationally televised event, showcasing the true prowess of SuperGraphics’ event graphics expertise.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity, SuperGraphics embraced the chance to spotlight UW’s passion and spirit on a nationally televised stage. With the clock ticking, the project unfolded swiftly, offering an end-to-end solution. Our approach encompassed everything from design and production to installation, epitomizing the concept of a complete one-stop shop.

The task was to create large format building banners and signage that would set the stage in Red Square, where the event would take place. These visuals didn’t just add vibrancy to the GameDay setup; they also solidified the university’s brand identity, leaving an impression on millions of viewers across the nation.

The accelerated timeline was the ultimate test. For instance, the installation of a large banner saw a breathtaking 18-hour sprint from artwork reception to installation. SuperGraphics thrived on such challenges, embracing lead times ranging from 48 to just 12 hours, underscoring their remarkable flexibility and unwavering efficiency to get the job done.

To top it off, SuperGraphics collaborates with UW to create unique album covers, a weekly practice to highlight different student-athletes on the team. When this project, highlighting UW’s athletes, caught the attention of Desmond Howard, an ESPN analyst and Heisman winner, he wanted in, necessitating a same-day deliverable to feature on the show the next morning. This further reinforced SuperGraphics’ capability to deliver outstanding quality with lightning-fast speed. Watch the feature here!Ā 

Collaboration was at the heart of this successful endeavor. Working closely with multiple stakeholders, including designers, the athletic department, main campus event staff, and UW facilities, SuperGraphics effectively managed a complex project within tight time constraints, ensuring that everyone’s expectations were exceeded.

Through this exceptional partnership with UW, SuperGraphics not only showcased their expertise in event graphics but also proved that they excel under intense time pressure. The ESPN College GameDay event at UW wasn’t just a game-changer for college football; it was a defining moment for SuperGraphics, cementing their position as the top choice for remarkable and efficient event graphics solutions.

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