The University of Alabama’s Randall Welcome Center

Discover how we showcased our print and graphics expertise in the out-of-state project for The University of Alabama’s Randall Welcome Center.


Tuscaloosa, AL


Dec 2023


Wall Graphics, Wall Murals, SEG Banners, Metal Prints

Welcome to Wow! ๐Ÿคฉ

Spanning approximately 15,000 square feet, the Randall Welcome Center is strategically designed to serve as the new gateway to the university. It houses undergraduate admissions offices, a lounge, theater, and starting points for campus tours, effectively showcasing the university’s rich heritage and vibrant student life.

Our role as a print/graphics provider was crucial in executing several high-impact visual elements throughout the Welcome Center. Key projects included:

  • Wall Graphics and Murals: We designed extensive wall graphics, murals, and backdrops that set the tone in the Randall Welcome Center. These visuals are strategically placed to captivate and inform visitors as they move through the space.

  • SEG Banners: Sleek and durable SEG frames and banners were installed, offering flexible, changeable graphic options that help keep the content fresh and engaging for repeat visitors and prospective students.

  • Metal Prints: To add a touch of sophistication and durability, we incorporated metal prints that reflect the university’s forward-thinking ethos and technological advancements.

Despite being based in Seattle, our ability to manage and execute this expansive project in Alabama is a testament to SuperGraphics’ streamlined process and effective collaboration with multiple stakeholders. Coordination between designers, project managers, and local contractors was facilitated through meticulous planning and frequent communication, ensuring that every detail aligned with the stakeholders’ vision and timeline.

Our contributions in print and graphics have played a pivotal role in transforming this space into a dynamic, informative, and welcoming environment for all visitors, aligning with The University of Alabama’s mission to attract the best and brightest students.

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