Apartment Locker Wrap – Cambridge Hall

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College Station, TX


May 2022


Vinyl Wrap

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In the fast-evolving landscape of residential amenities, apartment complexes are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance tenant experiences. One key aspect that contributes to tenant satisfaction is the convenience and security of package deliveries. To address this, property managers often turn to solutions like Amazon Lockers and Luxer One Lockers. However, these lockers, while efficient, lack a unique identity that resonates with the community. This is where vinyl wrap locker branding plays a role in revolutionizing the resident locker experience.

Cambridge Hall, an off campus housing facility for college students, was facing the challenge of creating a distinctive identity for their Luxer One Lockers. While the lockers provided a secure space for package deliveries, they blended in with their surroundings, failing to reflect the upscale ambiance of the complex. They sought a solution to not only enhance locker visibility but also create a sense of community pride.

The apartment complex partnered with SuperGraphics to vinyl wrap their residential lockers. Through meticulous planning and design collaboration, we devised a strategy to give the lockers a unique identity. We embarked on a journey to transform these lockers into eye-catching focal points within the complex’s central area with artwork they provided us.

Our team meticulously executed the vinyl wrap process, adding graphics that harmoniously blended with the apartment’s aesthetic. The vinyl wrap not only provided an opportunity spotlight the complex, but also allowed for a creative canvas to depict local landmarks that residents would recognize.

The success of this vinyl wrap locker branding project demonstrated that even the most functional elements within an apartment complex can serve as platforms for creative expression. By leveraging vinyl wrapping, these apartment lockers were turned into statement pieces, elevating the tenant experience and reinforcing a sense of community pride. The fusion of vinyl wrap expertise with locker branding innovation led to a seamless graphic solution for both property managers and residents, exemplifying how a touch of creativity can transform everyday spaces into memorable experiences.

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