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Rivian Refresh

SuperGraphics refreshed Rivian’s Seattle showroom with new graphics through seamless after-hours installation, ensuring no disruption to operations.


Seattle, WA


June 2024


Wall Graphics, Window Graphics

When Rivian needed a fresh look for their Seattle showroom, they turned to SuperGraphics. The aim was to revamp both the interior and exterior with new wall and window graphics that highlighted their latest vehicle features and brand message.

To get this done without disrupting Rivian’s daily operations, we suggested an after-hours installation. This meant our team would come in after the showroom closed and work through the night. By the time the showroom reopened the next morning, everything would be in place and looking great. Rivian loved this idea as it allowed them to continue business as usual during the day.

Our team worked efficiently overnight, installing new wall graphics inside the showroom. These graphics showcased detailed vehicle features and specs, giving customers an informative and engaging visual experience. Outside, we applied sleek window graphics to catch the eye of anyone passing by, announcing the latest arrivals and promotions.

By the next morning, the showroom had a completely updated look, ready to wow customers with fresh, eye-catching visuals. The seamless overnight transformation was a hit with Rivian, as it allowed them to maintain normal operations without any interruptions.

This project showcases how SuperGraphics can adapt to meet our clients’ needs. Offering after-hours installation meant Rivian didn’t have to worry about downtime or losing any business. Instead, they got a showroom makeover that was seamless and stress-free. Our flexibility and dedication to quality ensured that Rivian’s new showroom graphics were installed perfectly and on time, providing a fresh and engaging environment for their customers.

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