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Cascade Bicycle Club

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Seattle, WA


Sept. 2023


Fleet Wraps, Vinyl Wrap

That’s A Wrap! 🚲

Raising awareness and educating the public often hinges on visual impact, a principle we embraced while working with the Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle, WA. Our task? To design, produce, and install fleet wraps for nine trailers, transforming each into a vibrant, mobile billboard for cycling safety and education. Excited to bring their vision to life, we leveraged our expertise in fleet wraps to ensure their message resonated throughout the city.

Our goal was straightforward: create a fleet of trailers that would captivate the public while spreading a crucial message about bike safety. Our role was central in translating their ideas into reality. We emphasized high-quality production and meticulous installation, ensuring each trailer made a memorable impression.

The production process utilized state-of-the-art printing technology, capturing the Cascade Bicycle Club’s essence through vibrant greens and blues. The wraps showcased playful, educational graphics—depicting winding bike paths and iconic local landmarks—that mirrored the club’s mission.

Precision and attention to detail were the hallmarks of our installation process. Approaching each of the nine trailers with a strategic plan, we ensured uniformity across the fleet, a testament to our team’s skill and dedication.

The result? A visually stunning fleet that didn’t just draw eyes—it educated and inspired. Each trailer became a moving emblem of the club’s commitment to the cycling community, turning each wrap into a canvas that elevated their nonprofit’s profile.

This project transcended mere aesthetics; it was about crafting a fleet that carried a powerful message through the streets of Seattle. These fleet wraps for the Cascade Bicycle Club are more than mobile advertisements; they embody the power of visual storytelling in fostering community and safety. We are proud to have played a part in their noble efforts to make cycling a safe and enjoyable pursuit for everyone.

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