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Seattle 9-1-1 Care Team Fleet

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Seattle, WA


Dec. 2023


Fleet Wrap

Wrapped to perfection! 🤩 

During the winter season in Seattle, our team faced the intricate task of branding the fleet of the Seattle 9-1-1 Care Department Team. This endeavor required careful orchestration to wrap multiple vehicles with new, reflective, and eye-catching graphics.

The project commenced with meticulous planning, coordinating schedules for each vehicle to minimize downtime and disruption to the Care Department’s critical services. Our install bay served as the project’s hub, providing a climate-controlled environment essential for the adhesive properties of the wrap materials amidst the damp and chilly Seattle weather.

A unique challenge arose with a red suburban car, chosen to showcase the new visual identity. To achieve the desired metallic silver finish, we utilized premium wrap film. The car was transformed with a striking silver base, complemented by vibrant reflective white and teal accents that reflected the Care Department’s commitment to service and community engagement.

Our skilled team carefully installed the wraps, ensuring the graphics were perfectly fitted to the various vehicles in the fleet. Installing reflective material is often more challenging than other substrates due to its reduced pliability. Nevertheless, the final product was a fleet adorned with high-quality graphics, recognizable throughout the city.

In the end, the fleet was standing as a testament to the Care Department’s mission. The project showcased our ability to manage and execute complex fleet transformations and reinforced our dedication to providing our local clients with solutions to any challenge that arises.

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