PitchBook Office

Explore how strategic environmental graphics can transform office spaces and enhance brand identity in our case study for PitchBook.


Seattle, WA


May 2023


Wall Graphics, Window Graphics, Vinyl Decals

An Office for All 🖥️

SuperGraphics has expertly demonstrated their ability to integrate brand identity and workplace ethos through their execution of environmental graphics in this office setting. This case study aims to illustrate how SuperGraphics has employed environmental graphics not merely as decor but as a medium to convey the culture and values of the PitchBook office.

Starting with the hallway, the clear and assertive message “We help people win” is a testament to PitchBook’s brand values. They have chosen a font and size that commands attention and subtly influences the mindset of those passing by, aligning perfectly with PitchBook’s mission statement.

In the case of the ‘PitchBook’ wall graphic, SuperGraphics has successfully utilized scale and contrast to create a bold statement piece. Their choice of colors, consistent with PitchBook’s branding, showcases their attention to maintaining brand integrity while ensuring the graphic serves as a navigational landmark within the space. This graphic turned out wonderfully with all the different dimensions between the wall and the various elevators. What a unique and wonderful touch of flair.

For the glass doors, SuperGraphics crafted an overlay of text that articulates PitchBook’s guiding ethical principles while maintaining transparency. The repeated branding elements reinforce company identity without overwhelming the space, illustrating their adeptness at balancing visual interest with practicality. These white vinyl decals look great and add a touch of simplicity and sophistication.  

The wall mural of Michelle Wie West goes beyond mere visual appeal. It encapsulates the company’s spirit of striving for excellence, with SuperGraphics showcasing their capacity scale imagery that makes the wall truly come to life.

SuperGraphics has adeptly used environmental graphics to embody PitchBook’s brand and culture. Their designs are not only visually compelling but also strategically aligned with the company’s objectives, enhancing the workplace environment in a manner that is both subtle and profound. 

Elevate your space and bring your brand to life with our environmental graphics. Transform walls, windows, and workspaces into a vibrant storytelling canvas. Connect with us now to explore the endless possibilities!

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