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Low Pressure Studios

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Seattle, WA


Nov 2023


Wall Graphics, Wall Murals

Carving a New Path! ๐Ÿ‚ย 

Low Pressure Studio, a prominent player in the snow sports industry, sought to transform their Seattle office into a space that functions both as a business center and an engaging showroom for their brands. The mission was to embody their corporate identity in a way that visitors could see and feel.

The transformation was catalyzed by the installation of large-scale wall murals, each one carefully produced and affixed to showcase the distinct characteristics of Low Pressure Studio’s brands. These murals didn’t just add color and life to the officeโ€”they were emblematic of the company’s vision and served as a narrative tool.

By repurposing their office into a ‘retail showroom’, Low Pressure Studio innovated the concept of a corporate workspace. The wall graphics were instrumental in this shift, creating a visually stimulating journey for all who entered. These displays were not merely to showcase products but to tell a story, to highlight the innovation and craftsmanship behind each item.

By blurring the lines between an office and a retail showroom, Low Pressure Studio successfully crafted a space that not only embodies their corporate branding but also primes the area for showcasing their merchandise. The design cleverly allows for future product placement, ensuring that the showroom remains versatile and up-to-date with the brand’s evolving collections

Through this initiative, Low Pressure Studio reinforced the importance of corporate branding in designing a unique and functional office space. The office became a place where work processes were enhanced and where the product lines came to life. It stood as a testament to Low Pressure Studio’s commitment to brand integrity and their leading status in the snow sports market. This strategic move exemplified how a physical space could be leveraged to deepen brand connection and drive business growth.

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