REN Seattle Textured Wall Covering

In collaboration with Electric Coffin, we printed and installed textured wall covering for the lounge at the REN high-rise apartment complex in Seattle, Washington.


REN Seattle 41st Floor Lounge


March 2022


Textured Wall Covering


REN Seattle was interested in creating an experiential environment that would give their residents an area to relax and decompress. All REN needed was an interior decor art piece to pull it all together. 

Electric Coffin, an art studio located in Seattle, designed the piece named, “Lush Bounty“. Electric Coffin’s inspiration was to “bring together all the disparate pieces that make the human experience beautiful.” This includes items such as flowers and fruit and more discrete items such as a Coke can and a bomb Pop.

For this project, SuperGraphics used its extensive experience in wall graphic printing and installation to help construct REN’s vision of a truly unique environment.  SuperGraphics utilized proprietarily developed layered printing to establish a custom tactile texture as part of the graphic that leaves a stimulating impression on its residents and helps in attracting new ones. 

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