Seattle Public Library Lockers

Learn more about how we did something out of the ordinary for this locker wrap for the Seattle Public Library. ????


Seattle, WA


Jan 2023


Vinyl Wrap

Read, Relax, Retrieve 📚

Come and explore the vibrant and captivating lockers we wrapped for the Seattle Public Library during your next visit for a read! Our team not just wrapped these parcel lockers but also equipped them with our reliable anti-graffiti laminate. This step, although unconventional for locker wraps, ensures the lockers maintain their pristine appearance.

At our core, we commit to turning our client’s visions into reality. By employing our anti-graffiti laminate, we aimed to meet the client’s goals of enhancing the lockers’ durability and aesthetics. The result: a stunning and functional solution that guarantees the lockers stay unblemished and eye-catching.

We take pride in going above and beyond, setting new industry standards for locker wraps. Our dedication to delivering exceptional results led us to develop innovative approaches, and we’re thrilled to present these beautifully wrapped lockers as a testament to our commitment.

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