Vehicle Wraps

SuperGraphics has templates to design for nearly every vehicle and can produce unique templates in a timely fashion. SuperGraphics welcomes fleet wraps of any size and shape, including full, partial, and vehicle decals. SuperGraphics uses best-in-class technology to wrap anything that moves with graphics that showcases your brand

The first ever bus wrap, completed in 1993 by SuperGraphics
Great Western Aviation Plane Wrap, completed by SuperGraphics.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Branding your business with vehicle wraps sets the tone for fostering a stronger connection with both your customers and your industry. You’ll generate awareness of your venture and can promote specific causes, events, or services. Fleet graphics aren’t just for utility vans and food trucks. We can artfully wrap anything that drives your company forward.

Different types of fleet and vehicle wraps:

  • Airplane graphics
  • Car wrap 
  • Fleet graphics
  • Truck wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Food Truck


If you’re ready to showcase your brand on your company trucks, vans and cars, SuperGraphics has the resources and experience to get the job done. In-house design and nationwide installation teams mean SuperGraphics is uniquely suited to be your one-stop shop in order to complete your  vehicle wraps on schedule and on budget.

How we do it

No matter what type of vehicle or how large of a quantity you’re looking to wrap, we can scale to meet your company’s needs.

We’re capable of design engineering your artwork to any vehicle fleet— even if every make, model, and body style is different. Thanks to our various vehicle templates, we can outfit any vehicle.

Should I wrap my Fleet?

Are you ready to take your brand on the road? Customizing cars and vans with one-of-a-kind graphics is a great way to amplify your brand’s story and leave a positive impression with your audience.

By wrapping your cars and vans with customized, attention-grabbing graphics, you create a unified visual identity for your business. When employees drive cars or utility vans with branded visuals, they represent your organization at every stop and demonstrate its scale. Every vehicle wrap is an opportunity to present your brand to the world with distinctive visuals.

Check out some of our custom vehicle wraps

How we can help

Our printing expertise brings vibrant imagery to each car or van, delivering a positive impression of your brand that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. We’ll escort your project through every step, analyzing your business’ specific needs, managing graphic design and production, and performing the installation. Whether you’re interested in wrapping a single van or branding a whole fleet of vehicles, rely on our decades of success in producing graphics and signage to get your business rolling.


nationwide Services

Our nationwide graphic installation service is your assurance of top-quality installation, regardless of your location. Whether you have parcel lockers in a single bustling city or manage multiple properties across the entire country, our extensive reach ensures we are there to serve you. You can trust SuperGraphics to be your one-stop shop for design production and installation with service and quality that is second to none. Let us help you maintain a cohesive brand presence across all your properties, from coast to coast!


We execute a PVC-free, zero-landfill waste, open-loop recycling workflow. EcoFormat® delivers sustainable print solutions from sourcing to disposition. For you, for us, and for the world.

Ready to Wrap?

When you’re ready to take the next step, contact our team to discuss your next steps!

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Case Studies

An Amazon locker at a Morgan Properties location wrapped in a smart locker wrap, featuring bold branding and design for secure package pickup.
Smart locker wraps unify branding across Morgan Properties, enhancing visual appeal and recognition. Learn more with our latest case study!
Vibrant floor graphics with racing themes enhance the customer journey in T-Mobile's flagship retail store.
Seamless multi-store graphics for retail, showcasing T-Mobile's 5G via dynamic graphic installation at Las Vegas outlets. Read more now!🏎️
A Package Concierge smart package locker featuring a geometric design in Newark, NJ.
This case study examines the integration of a Package Concierge smart locker system, focusing on the custom-designed locker wrap. 📬

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