Truck Wraps

Supergraphics utilizes superior people, presses and expertise to wrap your truck with graphics that brilliantly showcase your brand.

Truck Wraps & Graphic Design

If you’re ready to showcase your brand on your company trucks, SuperGraphics has the resources and experience to get the job done. In-house design and installation teams mean SuperGraphics is uniquely suited to complete truck wraps on schedule and on budget.

Our team offers unparalleled experience and capabilities.

SuperGraphics uses best-in-class technology to wrap anything that moves with imaging that showcases your brand

Our in-house designers and production teams create graphics that will meet your budget requirements and exceed your expectations. We will help you decide on the best graphics and materials that align with your brand.


We will install your graphics quickly and efficiently because the entire process happens in-house; we have control over every aspect of production, reducing costly timing issues, and minimizing the chances of miscommunication.

Are Fleet Graphics Worth Your While?

They truly are. When compared to other forms of advertising, like radio and TV advertisements, fleet graphics costs only cents on the dollar. Fleet graphics provide constant support in helping tell your brand’s story to the public.

How We Can Help

If you’re ready to put your mark on company vans and cars, we have the resources and experience to get the job done quickly and with the highest quality. In-house design and installation teams mean superGraphics is uniquely suited to complete vehicle wraps on schedule and on budget.


Our printing expertise brings vibrant imagery to each car or van, delivering a positive impression of your brand that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. We’ll escort your project through every step, analyzing your business’ specific needs, managing graphic design and production, and performing the installation. Whether you’re interested in wrapping a single van or branding a whole fleet of vehicles, rely on our decades of success in producing graphics and signage to get your business rolling.

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T-Mobile Emergency Response Truck
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Amazon Fresh Fleet Wraps
Kenworth Capitol Christmas Truck Wrap
Capitol Holiday Tree Delivery Truck Wrap
Talking Rain Sparkling Ice Fleet Truck Wraps

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