The World’s First Comprehensive Line of PVC-free Banner Materials

Historically, outdoor graphics are not printed on environmentally responsible materials and typically end up in a landfill when they release toxins into the environment. We saw this and knew some changes needed to happen. So we created Ecoformat™—our commitment to sustainable print products and services.

We’re working towards becoming a PVC-free company. We worked with our recycling partners to develop a true second use for PVC-free materials. And we created an environment where we know exactly how to dispose of materials to produce zero-landfill waste.

Recently, our team worked to import a new material revolutionizing outdoor marketing graphics in Europe, and we’re the first to bring it to the US market.

This material is KAVALAN, and it’s the world’s first comprehensive line of PVC-free banner materials. We’re proud to add Kavalan materials to the Ecoformat™ family of sustainable print materials.

Our team is continually delivering innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to our customers. We know exactly how to manage your large format print banners sustainably.

With our PVC-free alternatives, our customers feel good about the large format print materials they choose. They know they can trust SuperGraphics.


ZERO Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) materials by 2025

Our Exclusive Eco-Friendly Print Materials and Services


EcoFormat™ is our commitment to educate and promote the demand for eco-friendly print materials, services, and supply chain from sourcing to disposition.


We recently added a new line of PVC Free print materials. Contact your SuperGraphics Account Rep to learn more about how printing on our PVC Free materials can save valuable resources as well as protect the enviroment.

  • Sunlight / Banner material suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, Sunlight is compatible with high quality printing and is available in several standard widths.
  • Butterfly / Double-sided banner material that is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and is available in a number of standard widths. Butterfly has impressive flatness characteristics and consistent color reproduction on both sides.
  • Spiderweb / Mesh material that is lightweight, but durable and yields the best possible image quality with outstanding color density.

EcoFormat™ Print Materials

Eco-Format PVC-free banner
PVC-Free Mesh Banner
PVC-Free Double-sided Banner

EcoFormat™ Vehicle Wraps

Microsoft Zero Emission Electric Fleet Wraps
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