University of Washington Bookstore

This case study details the successful execution of a graphics update project at the University of Washington Bookstore.????️????


Seattle, WA


Feb 2023


Wall Covering, Window Graphics, Dimensional Lettering, Signage

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This case study focuses on the University of Washington bookstore and their recent project to update the graphics throughout their retail store. The project required careful planning to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations and involved executing before and after hours. Coordination between the project team and store management was critical.

The team began by carefully planning the logistics of the project, outlining specific tasks that needed to be completed. Once planning was complete, the team began executing the project, updating graphics throughout the retail store. The team prioritized high-quality wall and window graphics to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

Ultimately, the project was a great success, demonstrating the importance of careful planning and execution. The University of Washington bookstore was able to update their graphics in a timely and efficient manner, highlighting the value of high-quality graphics in a retail setting. 🟣🟡

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